Monday, 22 February 2016

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Auckland Pride Bring Shame to the LGBT Community.

Auckland pride has a well-earned reputation when it comes to ignoring the needs of the wider community in favour of the demands of the few wealthy elite within the community. With the exception of the first Auckland Pride Parade in 2013 every pride parade since has been met with controversy as members of the community objected to the presence of some (often not specifically LGBT) groups in the parade. These members of the community have been met with violence often from security guards who are (or at least should be) accountable to Auckland Pride. This sort of response to community concerns is shameful and when it is repeated every year it makes members of the community feel ashamed. Pride is supposed to be about empowering LGBT people many of whom still face discrimination in the wider community it is not about empowering organizations that still discriminate against members of the LGBT community.

Pride is an International movement that sprung from the major cities of the United States in the 1960s usually from movements lead by trans women of colour. Yet these people were so quickly cast aside as pride became more acceptable to the public. Indeed Auckland pride is following a long standing international trend where the T in LGBT is an afterthought if it is even thought about at all. the people who helped start the movement have become nothing but a doormat trans women (especially trans women of colour) are not being listened to.

Perhaps the biggest disgrace to befall the 2016 Auckland Pride Parade was the presence of government minister Judith Collins the politician that oversees the department of corrections and the New Zealand police. both these institutions are notoriously oppressive to people of colour (especially indigenous people) and trans people (especially those assigned male at birth). Both are now regular fixtures at the Auckland Pride with the blessing of the establishment within pride. but the presence of the government minister who oversees this oppression against members of our community and does not care to do anything to stop the continued injustices suffered by trans people and people of colour at the hands of these institutions is simply shameful and an insult to the community.

Pride is the feeling we get when we can be ourselves. The feeling we get when we are free of oppression. Pride is not what I feel when I attend the Auckland Pride Parade. I feel shame because the Pride movement is content to leave so many of our community behind.

Wellcome to LGBT Resistance

Hello and welcome to LGBT resistance.

We are a community lead organization that was formed by a small group of activists concerned about the impact of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement on the LGBT community.

We also believe in justice for LGBT people effected by the issues that are perpetuated by the capitalist system.

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